brick house

Local Materials for Mountbatten Park

We are now selecting bricks for Mountbatten Park. The three house builders will not all do the same thing and during the course of construction it may be necessary to make changes responsive to availability or cost.

Combined Operations Wood

Mountbatten Progress Report February

The recent dry weather has enabled good progress both on site but also in two woodlands.

Hoe Lane construction

Hoe Lane Closed to Traffic

Hoe Lane will be closed to traffic from Monday the 6th of February through to Friday the 3rd of March.

Luzborough Wood Progress Report January 2023

Luzborough Wood Progress Report January 2023

Work will commence within Luzborough Wood in the week beginning on the 30th of January to create three areas of wetland.

woodland management

Woodland Management

Two elements of woodland management are about to take place:

Mountbatten Park Verge

Progress Report November 2022

The Ashfield Partnership updates on the Mountbatten Park site:

Hoe Lane

Combined Operations Wood

Combined Operations Wood – Informal Consultation on its development for Public Access

temporary footpath closure

Temporary Footpath Closure

The Ashfield Partnership will need to close the length of the footpath shown in yellow on this plan so that construction work to make a sewer connection can be carried out safely.

Mountbatten Park site

Progress Report August 2022

The Ashfield Partnership updates on the Mountbatten Park site:

Progress Report June

Progress Report June 2022

The Ashfield Partnership is still awaiting sign off from Hampshire CC for the passing bays and the junction works.

Mountbatten Park Site

Progress Report April 2022

The Ashfield Partnership will endeavour to provide a regular update of work taking place on and around the Mountbatten Park site. These updates will continue to be shared in the Mountbatten Park News section of The Ashfield Partnership website. This page can also be accessed via a link from the North Baddesley Parish Council website.

tree planting

Tree Planting

During March, 50 trees were planted within the southwest fringe of Mountbatten Park to replace the dead or dangerous trees, and the recent windblown trees, in this area.

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