Two elements of woodland management are about to take place:

Combined Operations Wood

Coppicing in accordance with the management plan for Combined Operations Wood limited to a small patch (approx. 20mx20m). It is expected that this will greatly enhance the biodiversity of the wood as we progress with a rolling programme of further coppicing each year. The cut wood will be corded and left on site to rot providing an improved habitat for beetles and other insects. Over time this ought to be beneficial for native birds.

We expect the coppiced stumps to recover vigorously next summer as they would have done in a traditional woodland rotation. We also hope that this work will allow in more light which should improve conditions for ground flora.

This work will not affect the paths through the wood or the BMX tracks.

Luzborough Wood

The work here is simply to clear storm damaged trees where they block the paths. Again what can’t be used will also be left on the woodland floor for the same ecological reasons.

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brick house

Local Materials for Mountbatten Park

We are now selecting bricks for Mountbatten Park. The three house builders will not all do the same thing and during the course of construction it may be necessary to make changes responsive to availability or cost.

Combined Operations Wood

Mountbatten Progress Report February

The recent dry weather has enabled good progress both on site but also in two woodlands.

Hoe Lane construction

Hoe Lane Closed to Traffic

Hoe Lane will be closed to traffic from Monday the 6th of February through to Friday the 3rd of March.

Luzborough Wood Progress Report January 2023

Luzborough Wood Progress Report January 2023

Work will commence within Luzborough Wood in the week beginning on the 30th of January to create three areas of wetland.