During the discussions held with North Baddesley Parish Council, one of a number of good suggestions to emerge was the provision of a Men’s Shed as part of the scheme at Mountbatten Park. The idea was put forward by Cllr David Middlewick and it was one about which The Ashfield Estate was enthusiastic. 

We are now beginning to look at the design and location for a building. So far we have visited the Romsey Men’s Shed and had a first discussion with representatives from Nursling Men’s Shed hosted by David Middlewick at the North Baddesley Men’s Shed at the Village Hall. We are very grateful for all this help and support.

Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted and it’s already apparent that we have a lot to learn. It’s also clear that these projects are all the more successful if they are established with or by those who will use them in the future.

More to follow on this story. In the meantime here is a link to the UK Men’s Shed Association.

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