The aim of The Ashfield Partnership is to build a legacy through our sustainable housing and communities, Luzborough, Whitenap and Hoe Lane. In order to do this, we need to set a radical agenda that shies away from the norm and instead seeks new ways of construction that serve not only the future residents of those communities but the wider environment as well. This is why we are holding regular meetings and sessions for those in existing communities to share their ideas. 



Hoe Lane Detailed Applications November 2020

Test Valley Borough Council has resolved to grant outline planning permission for 300 dwellings off Hoe Lane and Sylvan Drive and the Decision Notice is expected to be issued shortly (TVBC Application Number 16/02432/OUTS).

The Ashfield Partnership is currently preparing detailed planning applications (known as “reserved matters applications”) for the site to be submitted in mid-December 2020. Further information about the applications is available by clicking the button below:



Whitenap Community Engagement Exercise January 2020

Please click the link below to view the Briefing Boards from the Community Engagement Exercise held on the 14th & 15th of January 2020 at The Mountbatten School.

Working With The Residents of Romsey & North Baddesley

We recognise that we can only develop land once and that what we build now will shape the resident community for hundreds of years. Working with the existing community to shape the new is essential if The Ashfield Partnership is to create successful and sustainable developments

Local people know what is needed and what will work best so we wanted to reach out across the community. The Ashfield Estate embarked on its community engagement journey back in 2006, before any construction began. These early workshops prepared the ground for the major Enquiry by Design event held in the autumn of 2008 by The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community. 

The Ashfield Partnership was formed in January 2011 and paved the way for its first scheme at Luzborough with an open-door event held at Romsey Town Hall in 2014. Now that Luzborough is nearing completion, we hope that it is living up to the expectations created through our community engagement programme. We will continue to engage with local residents as we create Hoe Lane and Whitenap. 


The Design & Community Code

Each building at Luzborough, Hoe Lane, and Whitenap has been, or will be, designed not so much to stand out but to contribute to making the place. Phases and streets may reveal a particular character but they will conform to the overall Masterplan which aims to secure the traditional Hampshire, specifically the Test Valley, vernacular.

Community Engagement in Action 

Hoe Lane as a proposal emerged through our Enquiry by Design event held in 2008 and was revisited following its allocation as a site in the Revised Local Plan. The Ashfield Partnership then held an open event at North Baddesley in 2015 and an outline planning application was submitted in October of the following year. 

The Partnership has since attended a number of meetings with North Baddesley Parish Council, specifically to consider how the scheme might help to achieve improvements to Mountbatten Park and therefore become even more valuable to the existing communities. 

In preparing for an outline planning application for Whitenap, and having assembled a good deal of technical information, The Ashfield Partnership held a Pathfinder Day at Romsey Town Hall. This informative day included a tour of our Luzborough and Whitenap developments and set the scene for further community engagement before finalising plans. 

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Footpath in Romsey Hampshire

Planning Approved for Hoe Lane Development

Test Valley Borough Council’s Southern Area Planning Committee approved the Reserved Matters Planning Applications for Hoe Lane on the evening of Tuesday the 8th of June 2021. This completes a planning journey dating from the outline application in October 2016.

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Why Sustainable Developments are Important for the Future

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What Makes a Popular Development?

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