As we head into autumn, we’re suddenly reminded of the importance of modern, effective and energy efficient insulation. As the air turns cold and the wind picks up, you want to be spending money warming you and your house up – not the outside. Just how important is insulation now and for the future – and what can we do as developers to ensure that insulation is as green and energy efficient as possible?

As modern, climate conscious property developers, we know just how important it is to install contemporary insulation in every new build. Find out here how to look after you and your family’s health, your bank account and our planet – just through thorough and modern insulation practices.

Heating Bills

Even the smallest insulation practices can save you money – you’ve got to start somewhere. From excluding draughts, to installing double-glazed windows and of course, having your walls and attic fitted out with insulating padding, every individual action will stop money coming out of your pocket.

This is relevant in warm climates too – your house being able to maintain its temperature, whether that is warm or cold, will stop you from needing to spend energy to correct the imbalance.

Draught insulation is the most cost-effective way to tackle this problem – any cracks, holes or gaps are allowing money to escape and air to enter.

While you do that, you might as well insulate your heating system – radiators, boilers and pipes lose significant amounts of heat before it’s even of use to you, wasting yet more valuable cash.

While this will help significantly, tackling the bulk of energy loss will cost you slightly more upfront – but as an investment, the returns are stark. Up to 33% of heat lost in an uninsulated home is through the walls, while additional heat is lost through the floor.

Insulating just the ground floor will save you £40 a year, and installing wall cavity insulation will save you a whole lot more – your investment will be recouped in 5 years or less!

The Environment

Any practice that saves you money is – in theory-going towards saving the environment too. First of all, due to your insulation, you are spending less energy on heating the same space – compared to an uninsulated home, you can stop up to 2 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

You can see why we believe in contemporary insulation for all of our new build homes, as a fully insulated 50 home project would be 100 tonnes better off than an uninsulated equivalent.

On national and international scales, this will go a long way to reducing our energy consumption as a species.

You and your family’s health

A lack of insulation can lead to condensation, damp and other mold-friendly environments appearing in the walls and crevices of your home – as warm air moves through your home to replace cold air escaping, it can create pockets of moist, warm space.

If this becomes endemic, the air quality in your home could really suffer – with airborne particles affecting your health.

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As we head into autumn, we’re suddenly reminded of the importance of modern, effective and energy efficient insulation.