The Ashfield Partnership is committed to building sustainable housing using local materials wherever possible. Here’s why we believe this is important.

Employing local craftsmen and contractors

We believe in supporting local contractors and utilising the wealth of talent and expertise we have right on our doorstep. Not only do we take great pride in working with people from within our community, we also believe it makes sense in terms of carbon emissions. Wherever possible, we aim to cut down on unnecessary transportation of both people and materials.

Preserving local aesthetics

Place-making is at the heart of The Ashfield Partnership’s mission. This is all about creating homes and spaces that work together to become places that are cherished by both residents and the neighbouring communities. We want our developments to blend seamlessly into their surrounding areas, becoming places of beauty that reflect local tradition. By using local materials where possible, we can rest assured that our developments will complement their surroundings.

Reducing carbon emissions

It makes no sense to drag heavy material across long distances unnecessarily. By carefully procuring materials from within the local economy and reducing the need for long journeys, we can lower our carbon emissions. This all contributes to our overall aim of encouraging sustainable living, while reducing our impact on the natural world.

Helping the local economy

By sourcing locally, we have the satisfaction of knowing that we are supporting the local economy. Since creating a legacy for future generations is a key part of our Masterplan, it makes sense to do all we can to help the local economy grow and thrive.


The Ashfield Partnership comprises The Ashfield Estate and three local housebuilders, who all share a commitment to promoting sustainable construction. We believe that using local materials and contractors goes a long way towards achieving our aims.

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