The Ashfield Partnership has commissioned Tim Gray of Cascapedia Consulting to write a Design and Community Code for Mountbatten Park. It will set out Tim Knatchbull’s ambitions for legacy development in terms of place-making, food and farming, social objectives, localism, net biodiversity gain, and building community.

These Codes are designed to support well conceived landowner inspired schemes so their qualities are secured and cherished by the residents. Tim revived the tradition of Codes a decade ago for the Duchy of Cornwall at Tregunnel Hill and Nansledan. Articulating the vision and establishing mutual controls builds faith that we can create the conservation areas of the future.

The Ashfield Partnership is a pioneer of the broader Building a Legacy movement which has informed recent thinking about how best to build, not just the homes the nation needs but, through shared ambitions, community and civic pride.

Building Better Building Beautiful Commission

The present Government has recognised these values through the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission and emerging policy. The emphasis on resilience and sustainability drawn from the pandemic may well serve to underwrite how good development can also contribute towards reduced carbon emissions.

Responsible consumption, reduced commuting, local food, how we respect and enhance the natural environment, while connecting with, and contributing towards, host settlements should be the hallmarks of all new development. This Design and Community Code will set that agenda for Mountbatten Park.

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