The Ashfield Partnership has been working closely with Stephen Fitt of the RSPB to optimise the installation of nesting boxes on its projects at Luzborough, Mountbatten Park, and Whitenap.

This is part of our ambition to achieve net biodiversity gain. It is good to help all bird species but the main objective is to provide for swifts because so much of their habitat is being lost.

Tim Norris of Hampshire Swifts has just reported:

"I went to Luzborough again yesterday and there was quite a bit of activity at the new bird bricks. On the 36 properties that were completed by the end of last summer there has already been a 43% occupancy mainly by house sparrows but four by starlings which is a really great take-up no doubt helped by the fact that both breed on the adjacent estate. And just one of the more recently completed boxes is occupied so far but I’m sure that will soon change this summer."

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