The vision of The Ashfield Partnership is to build communities and create a legacy for future generations. The Partnership comprises The Ashfield Estate and three local housebuilders: C G Fry, Morrish Homes, and Wyatt Homes.

These housebuilders all share a commitment to promoting sustainable construction. This is reflected in all their new build communities, which are carefully planned to prioritise nature, healthy living, and sustainability.

From giving more space to walkers and cyclists while ensuring amenities are within walking distance, to installing wildlife-friendly measures such as nesting boxes and hedgehog runways, all communities are built with not just aesthetics, but practicality and sustainability in mind.

Using locally sourced materials

The materials the Partnership chooses, and how we use them, are key contributors to place-making and reflecting local tradition.

While appearance and the propensity to age well are important considerations, the use of local materials is valuable from the point of view of sustainability as well. In terms of carbon emissions, it makes no sense to drag heavy materials long distances. One way in which we, as developers, can lower our carbon emissions is by procuring carefully within the local economy.

Supporting wildlife and healthy living

All our new developments will provide habitats for local wildlife. They will also feature ‘edible streets’ that grow plants which produce fruit, nuts, and herbs. The idea is to plant usefully rather than ornamentally and make the most of space that tends to go to waste in traditional housing estates.

We will also encourage composting and rainwater collection within our communities, by offering purchasers of new homes with gardens a free composting bin and rainwater butt.

Respecting the environment and promoting local pride

We place great importance in respecting the existing space and environment while creating new developments that promote a sense of local price. Sustainable living is about how we choose to live our lives, so we recognise that we must create communities that afford people the ability to make those choices.

The Partnership will follow traditional and contemporary practices to build meaningful places that make it easier to live more sustainably, reduce our impact on the natural world and provide healthier options for our families.

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