The Ashfield Partnership was pleased that Test Valley Borough Council’s Southern Area Planning Committee unanimously confirmed approval for its outline application for the Hoe Lane site on Tuesday the 14th of July. Work is now underway to draft a Reserved Matters Application for community consultation and then submission in the autumn.

The Partnership’s planning consultant, Doug Cramond of DC Planning Ltd, commented

“It is difficult to satisfy the increasing requirements of Natural England when it comes to new housing in the Southern Hampshire. The Partnership is therefore delighted that an innovative set of measures, underlining its commitment to the environment, has found favour. The design team can now move on with its exciting plans for a high quality new neighbourhood for North Baddesley. This will include provision of recreational facilities benefiting existing local residents and those in the planned new market and affordable homes”

The Partnership continues to do things very differently drawing confidence from Luzborough. In moving forwards to Hoe Lane we are keen for it to be recognised that planning and highway officers from both local authorities, while challenging in their scrutiny, have been constructively open minded about our non standard approach.

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