About C G Fry & Son

Charles Fry began his construction company in a small Dorset village more than 80 years ago. The head office remains in that same village despite the work having spread across the South of England. As a leading regional construction firm, C G Fry & Son has worked on a range of notable projects.

The Ethos of C G Fry & Son

C G Fry & Son’s vision is to provide a quality service to all their customers across their range of services by combining traditional craftsmanship and harmonious design with the best of modern building techniques.

The company’s use of traditional materials and attention to correct details has become its hallmark since inception. The team is committed to delivering sustainable homes that exceed expectations with the aim of enhancing the Company’s reputation further.

One of the main draws of C G Fry & Son for The Ashfield Estate was their commitment to helping the local community. They do this by supporting a number of charitable causes, including Montacute Specialist School and the Children’s Hospice South West, as well as working with local people to engage them in sustainable building.


The Ashfield Partnership

The Ashfield Estate is at the core of the vision for the three development sites in Romsey, but to ensure our mission to build integrated communities and create a legacy is achievable, we needed the support of expert property developers who share our values. After careful consideration Morrish Homes, Wyatt Homes and C G Fry & Son were selected to form, alongside the Estate, The Ashfield Partnership. Learn more about the other Partners below.

Working with The Ashfield Estate

From the creation of beautiful homes to building outstanding commercial buildings such as schools, community centres, hospitals and factories, C G Fry & Son bring extensive knowledge and skill to The Ashfield Estate and Partnership.

C G Fry & Son will work in collaboration with The Ashfield Estate and its other two Partners, Wyatt Homes and Morrish Homes, to develop two Ashfield communities that capture the spirit, heart and soul of their shared vision in accordance with the Design and Community Code.

The planning application for the construction of 300 dwellings on the 38-acre site at Mountbatten Park has now been approved in principle and building is likely to commence in 2020. C G Fry & Son is also fully engaged with The Ashfield Partnership on proposals for the largest of the three sites, Whitenap, an allocated mixed-use neighbourhood of 1,300 homes, workspace, local retail, and social infrastructure including a possible new Primary School.

Philip Fry, Managing Director, said

“The opportunity to work with a visionary landowner and two other family owned builders is very special. It is also a challenge in the sense of the responsibility that follows to help deliver the very best.”