The Ashfield Estate’s vision is to build three sustainable developments on the edge of Romsey that work to actively enhance the wider environment, rather than detract from it. 

Modern Sustainable Development

Founder of The Ashfield Estate, Tim Knatchbull, has an aspiration to prove that new developments, if thoughtfully conceived and delivered, can be beneficial to the environment and help endangered species and overall biodiversity.

While some developers practice the modern mantra of simply concreting over land to the detriment of the environment, one reason volume housebuilder models evoke such opposition, The Ashfield Estate is determined to do things differently. 

It is for this reason that we have established The Ashfield Partnership and are working with like-minded housebuilders who have a proven track record of creating sustainable housing. In doing so, we can trust that the builders of Luzborough, Whitenap and Mountbatten Park will faithfully deliver our vision


Design & Community Code

Each housing development at Luzborough, Mountbatten Park, and Whitenap has been, or will be, designed not so much to stand out but to contribute to making the place. Phases and streets may reveal a particular character but they will conform to the overall Masterplan which aims to secure the traditional Hampshire, specifically the Test Valley, vernacular.

How We'll Achieve Environmental Growth

While the dream of building sustainable housing may seem at first impossible, it has already been done in the Duke of Cornwall’s pioneering development, Poundbury in Dorset. We will take this as a model and guide for our own developments, taking inspiration from the schemes that have worked and learning from those that have not been successful. 

Some of the ways The Ashfield Estate plans on taking care of the wider environment when planning and building our new build houses near Romsey include: 

  • Using locally and sustainably sourced materials to build
  • Creating space for wildlife e.g. nesting boxes, hedgehog runways
  • Planting for practicality and not aesthetics 
  • Letting wildflowers and hedgerows grow to shelter wildlife
  • Prioritising pedestrians and cyclists, not cars 
  • Reconnecting with nature

The big picture here is to provide the space and resources the residents of Luzborough, Whitenap and Mountbatten Park need to choose to live a more sustainable lifestyle.