How development can procure a net gain in biodiversity.

Modern Sustainable Development

There is an aspiration to prove that new development, if thoughtfully conceived and delivered, can respond to an environmental growth agenda so as to help endangered species and sponsor better overall biodiversity. This sounds unlikely since the modern rubric suggests that all development means concreting over the land to the detriment of everything we cherish. That is one reason why the volume house builder model provokes such opposition.


Design & Community Code

Each building at Luzborough, Hoe Lane, and Whitenap has been, or will be, designed not so much to stand out but to contribute to making the place. Phases and streets may reveal a particular character but they will conform to the overall Masterplan which aims to secure the traditional Hampshire, specifically the Test Valley, vernacular.

Environmental Growth

The challenge here is whether in fact there is an alternative. Whether despite development to meet the nation’s demand for new housing and employment it can be done in a way which physically and positively contributes. This notion of environmental growth sounds so unlikely that it beggars belief. 


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